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Briana Corr Scott      Artist/Authour/Illustrator

I  was born in Salem, MA and grew up in New Hampshire. I drew and painted my entire childhood and eventually studied painting at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. I moved to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in 2006 with my husband. I work from a studio in my home, and I am inspired daily by my closeness to the sea, my garden, and my 3 children. 

I started making paper dolls when I was a child. I used to mail them to my cousins. I started making them again when my daughter was old enough. Now all 3 of my children are involved; the characters of the kits are based on their play. When I made paper dolls as a child,  it was all about the simple pleasures of a pencil and imagination-planning details, drawing, dreaming, then the cutting out and bringing the dolls to life-it was magical. I want to recreate this joy with my paper doll kits; I want a new generation of children to find these things in themselves. 

The name "Union Studio" originates from my first art studio. It was in an apartment building owned by my grandmother on Union Street in Salem, Massachusetts. The word "Union" carries a nostalgic feeling for me, of my time in Massachusetts, but the word has come to mean more. It symbolizes  the union of all the things I make with my head, heart and hands.

Whatever I make my aim is to delight; I hope you find joy in my stories and  illustrations.